Sports Committee

Aim of Sports Committee

The sport committee aims at enhancing the interest of the participants in the field of sports and enable them to maintain physical fitness

Objectives of Sports Committee
  • To maintain sports accessories in good condition
  • To facilitate for sports and games activities for students indoor and outdoor
  • To create interest among students and faculty members towards sports
  • To organize training, coaching and education about sports amongst the students
  • To make sure smooth conduct of sports events within the college
  • To motivate the students to participate in different sports conducted at various institution level.
  • To maintain records of sports events attended by the students at college level, intercollegiate level, university level.
  • To inculcate qualities such as sportsmanship, team spirit and bonding among the participants.
Sports Committee Constitution (2023-24)
Sr NoNameDesignation
1Prof. Kiran GaikwadCoordinator(Teaching Faculty)
2Prof. Pratibha PatilMember (Teaching Faculty)
3Prof. Ashish MhatreMember (Teaching Faculty)
4Prof. Swapna BorseMember (Teaching Faculty)