Available Courses

Bachelor of Science Courses

B. Sc. in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary course integrating science and technology. Today, Biotechnology has become a major force for the development of industries, diagnosis, prevention & control of many diseases.

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B. Sc. in Computer Science

During its study, students gain intensive classroom & practical training & becoming proficient in programming languages, Computer architecture, concepts of operating systems, data structure, system analysis, design, concept of data base and OOPs.

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B. Sc. in Information Technology

This programme has been develop to study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer- based information systems, particularly software application and computer hardware.

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Bachelor of Commerce Courses

Bachelor of Management Courses

B. Com in Accounting & Finance

It is with this objective in mind that the University of Mumbai has introduced Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) which encompass a shift from general education to professional education.

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Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S)

Our college aims to develop the lateral thinking skills, communication skills & social responsibilities and strengthens the analytical, interpersonal organization & decision making skills among the students.

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