Our Vision & Mission

Knowledge is Power is the mission statement of the Promoting body.

Accordingly to spread the knowledge the society is planning to open schools/colleges & various Education faculty sections for the benefit of public at large.


To provide value based, quality assured and activity oriented education.


To provide excellent educational environment with dedicated faculties for creating quality professionals to make the students resourceful for facing the challenges of ever changing society.

Brand Name is


Having progressed by sheer hard work and honesty. Our educational group today stands on solid foundation of quality with commitment.

Genesis of the Society:

Dadasaheb Shri Dhanraj D. Vispute (M. Sc, GDC & A), who is resent Chairman of the institution has founded this society / trust with motivation from the Founder President Bapusaheb Shri. D. D. Vispute in 1997. He has a flair for the education. He is from the rural area and seen the ups/ downs of the life especially with regards to his own education.

Therefore, he decided to do something in the field of education for the young generation. He resides at Panvel and with the help of his friends and other like-minded persons he founded this promoting body i.e. “Shree Rishikesh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal”, Navi Mumbai under the guidance of Founder President Bapusaheb Shri D. D. Vispute.

Registration Details:

The promoting body is a Registered Society under the Society’s Registration Act 1860, (Reg. No. Mah/310 dated 20.06.1997) and Registered Public Trust under the Public Trust Act 1950 (Reg. No. F/5668/Thane dated 12.08.1997)

Shri D. D. Vispute College of Science, Commerce and Management is Recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra & Affiliated to University of Mumbai.

Contact Us

Adarsh Head-Office Panvel / Vispute College Administration Office
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