Principal’s Message

“We won’t STOP, until we’re PROUD

Vidya Mohod

From August 2020 till date

I believe that powerful learning and teaching exists under a shared spirit of respect which creates a passionate teaching – learning environment and experience.

The horizons of higher education are ever expanding in terms of knowledge, economy and preparing human resources that have potential for nation building and development.

The college offers a range of professional courses relevant to the field of Science, Commerce & Management. Besides regular theory and practical inputs the students are given grounded field experience under the mentorship of faculty members and collaboration industry experts. The academic, co- curricular and extracurricular activities keep the college environment vibrant. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities and take advantage of the many opportunities offered, so that they develop into self confident, responsible and committed individuals.

We aim to provide a sound and healthy academic environment, which can help the students to reach their goals. We also hope that as always our teachers, our students and guardians will cooperate with us towards the success of our mission and maintain a peaceful environment within and around our college campus.

With a vision to provide the best future for all our students as an educator and guide.

Dr. Sangeeta Huriwal

Ex- Principal
August 2012 to July 2020
We have formulated inclusive perspective plan for our college keeping in mind, on one hand strengthening of existing academic programmes and inclusion of new programmes commensurate with and essential for enhancement of our student’s skill and knowledge.

Augmentation & infrastructure proportionate to demand of innovative speciality programmes, strengthening of central library adding with reference books, journal, e-journals and research section and reading room facilities.
Encouragement to staff to upgrade themselves by acquitting research qualifications, higher degrees and engage themselves in projects, extension activities, etc.

Develop financial ability of the college by generating the fund internally as well as obtaining grants from Government, UGC, other funding agencies, NGO’s, industries, etc. extend the linkage with peer institutes, Institutes with national reputes, industries and academic bodies, use of ICT systems, advanced managerial, financial, accounting techniques for strengthening of academic administration, curricular, extracurricular and extension activities.

Strengthen the placement & counseling cell to provide opportunities to students. Facilitate bridge courses, remedial courses and advisory counseling status evolving essential system and techniques.

About College

  • Our college has been gaining new heights, while still being firmly grounded to its origins. Just like the culture, our college has also evolved through the passage of time.
  • In fact, education, specially higher education is a ‘ever changing & never ending process…’ in this sense, we have been proactive in picking those signals to ensure that our future endeavors make an impact in developing our students to influence society at large.
  • Our college has many firsts to its credit specifically, to start new specialty programmes at undergraduate and post graduate levels.
  • Along with innovation towards bringing out new programmes, we have also taken a serious look at how we can excel in cultural, sports and social service activities which are the integral facets of overall personality development of students.

Quality That Counts

  • Having with wide range of academic programmes at graduate and post-graduate levels in speciality programmes, we have developed a set of system within a campus, essential to provide conductive ambiance for learning and excelling the performance of our students.

  • This century is the century of change. Higher education is one of the sensitive and vibrant aspects of our lives and we at our institutions have accepted the challenges and designed the policies and procedures in commensurate with the requirements of this change to convert them into opportunities.