Examination 2020

Exam Time Table Sem-II – F.Y. (ATKT) Nov. 2020
Exam Time Table Sem-IV – S.Y. (ATKT) Nov. 2020
Exam Timetable Sem-V & Sem VI – T.Y. B.Sc. – Biotechnology
Examination Timetable Sem-IV (ATKT Exam)-2019-20
Exam Timetable Sem-V (ATKT Exam)
Examination Timetable Sem-VI – BAF
Exam Timetable Sem-VI – Biotech
Examination Timetable Sem-VI – BMS
Examination Timetable Sem-VI – IT

TYBMS (Sem V):

Question paper of PM& CP
LSCM sample question bank


HRM in SSM100 SQ
Organizational Development SQ
Operation Research SQ
HRM in Global Perspective SQ
Indian ethos in management SQ
Finance Specialization SQ
Innovative Financial Services SQ
Project Management (Finance Specialization) SQ

TYBAF (Sem V ):

Questions of Financial-Management
Que 150 MCQ CA-III
TAXATION Sample Questions
Management II Sample Questions

TYBAF (Sem VI ):

Economics-III (Indian Economy) SQ
Cost Accounting-SQ
Cost Accounting-SQ
Taxation-V Indirect Taxation – III SQ
Financial Management-III SQ

B.Sc Biotechnology (Sem V) :

Medical Microbiology & Instrumentation
USBT 501 Cell Biology
Genetics & Molecular Biology (Rev.) SQ
Biochemistry, Immunology & Instrumentation SQ

B.Sc Biotechnology (Sem VI) :

Cell Biology, Medical Biotechnology & Biostatistics SQ
Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics SQ
Environmental biotechnology-SQ
Biochemistry SQ
Pharmacology & Neurochemistry SQ
Industrial Microbiology SQ

B.Sc. I.T. & C.S.:

Software Engineering MCQ question bank
Internet of Things Sample Question
SPM Sample Question
Enterprise Java Sample Question
TYIT Enterprise Networking Question Bank(Sem VI)
TYIT Business Intelligence SQ(Sem VI)
TYIT IT Service Management SQ(Sem VI)
TYIT Software Quality Assurance SQ(Sem VI)
TYIT Security In Computing SQ(Sem VI)

Important Notices

University Circular For FY & SY Students
First Half 2019-20 Unit Test II Timetable 1

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Notice For GS & LR Election
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