Alumni and Placement Cell

Alumni Committee functions to strengthen the bond between the institute and its alumni. Strong Alumni base is one of the formidable strengths for any elite institute. Thereby, committee acts as a platform where the existing students and the alumni can interact for a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship.

Objectives of Alumni and Placement Cell

  • To foster relations between the Alumni and the Institute and strengthen the bond between Alumni and current students.
  • To provide training and placements to college students.
  • To organize various activities throughout the academic year in the college.
  • To motivate students to take the initiative to develop their attitude, soft skills and are given the opportunity
  • To develop technical skills alongside analytical capabilities.

Alumni and Placement Cell Constitution

Coordinator Prof.Swapnali Jadhav
MemberProf.Sneha Lokhnade
Member Prof.Urmila Patil
Member Prof.Arti Tiwari
Member Prof.Saima Dalvi